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Tito´s Winter Secret

Tito´s Winter Secret
Tito´s Winter Secret
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Tito lives high up in the mountains, so far away from other children that he has nobody to play with. One snowy day however, something magical happens and a special gift means that winter will become Tito´s favourite time of the year. This book helps children to learn about feelings, friendship and the changing seasons. It also includes a teacher´s guide to help both parents and teachers to access the lessons within the story. 

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Pages: 48
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English, Spanish
ISBN: ISBN 978-84-616-4390-5
Categories: Bed Time, Educational, Fantasy
Features: Illustrations, Music
Keywords: winter, invierno, snow, nieve, snowman, muñeco, seasons, estaciones, house, casa
Date Added: June 26, 2013
This story has been written with the intention of helping children to learn about the world in a fun and playful way I would like to give my sincerest gratitude to all of those who have made this possible. Este cuento ha sido creado con el proposito de ayudar a los ninos a aprender de una forma ludica determinados centros de interes Mi mas sincero agradecimiento a todas las personas que lo han hecho posible A Tito no le gusta el invierno. Hace frio y tiene que ponerse guantes, bufanda, gorro, chaqueta y kilos y kilos de ropa que no le dejan moverse facilmente. ¡Que bien que hoy haya nevado1- piensa Tito. No todos los das van a ser cortos grises y sin nada que hacer. Tito doesnt like winter. He has to wear gloves scarves hats and coats. So many layers that its hard to move around. "At least it snowed today" thinks Tito "no more short grey days with nothing to do" Tito sale a jugar con la nieve y decide hacer un mueco. Vive lejos de otros ninos y no tiene con quien juga.r Al menos tendre un amigo de nieve- se consuela Tito. Asi que comienza a hacer bolas: una grande, una mediana y otra pequena para la cabeza. Tito goes out to play in the snow and decides to make a snow man. He lives far away from any other children and has nobody to play with. " At least I can have a snow friend" Tito whispers to himself. Tito starts to make snow balls one big one medium and one small.