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Shovelful of Sunshine

Shovelful of Sunshine
Shovelful of Sunshine
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Meggie Gwinn loves dreaming about faraway places, but one day her dreams are gone. With the help of her coal miner daddy, Meggie learns of all the Gwinn dreams that have come true and the family message that would triumph over danger and darkness.

Generations of families have endured sacrifice and hardship in hopes they may leave a better world for their children and grandchildren. From letters written by coal miners, author Stacie Vaughn Hutton writes a story of hope and inspiration by showing how a young girl copes with her father’s job as a coal miner. Illustrated by renowned children’s book illustrator, Cheryl Harness, this book will be a family treasure for years to come.


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Gold Mom's Choice Award--Best in Children's Motivational/Inspirational Books Gold Moonbeam Children's Book Award Indie Book Award Finalist Best Juvenile Fiction International Book Award Finalist Best Children’s Book: Mind/Body/Spirit Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention-Best Children’s Book

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780938467397
Categories: Daddy & Me, Educational, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: coal miners, immigrants, family, appalachia, emotions, positivity, sunshine, daddy and daughter
Date Added: May 15, 2013
Mom's Choice Children's Book Award
The Next Generation Indie Book Awards Children's Book Award
International Book Awards Children Book Award
Gold Moonbeam Children's Book Award
Foreword As the proud son of a former West Virginia coal miner Stacie Vaughn Huttons Shovelful of Sunshine really hit home for me This wonderful childrens book with vivid illustrations from Cheryl Harness really captures what its like in the coalfieldsthe pride of the miners in their work and their families the fears of those families for the safety of the miners and much like my own story the dreams they all share of a bright future ahead Im so grateful to personally know so many coal miners and families of miners they truly are the most humble gracious and hard working folks anywhere Shovelful of Sunshine will give you a glimpse into the lives of these wonderful people that Im so thankful to call my friends Landau Eugene Murphy Jr recording artist and Season Six winner of Americas Got Talent on NBC Television Hey Meggie Gwinn Lets go play by Mill Creek and pretend its the ocean Callie calls to me from the schoolyard No I say Itll be like the faraway places you always dream about she says  I dont feel like it okay I take off running leaving my friend Callie behind in the schoolyard  Down the path my steps slow Callies right I used to imagine exploring the faraway places I read about in my books Now I dont even want to open them I dont want to think about faraway places because something awful might happen I take the long way home so I dont have to pass the narrow road that leads to the coal mine Although it is only a few miles down that road it is way faraway down under the ground where my daddy works The black coal is always waiting deep deep down there where its darker than the blackest night It is waiting for my daddy to bring it up into the sunlight so it can be turned into electricity Like Daddy says Its coal that keeps the lights on   I see Daddys dinner pail boots hard hat and an old battered shovel sitting beside the door Miners these days use all kinds of machines to mine the coal but Daddy keeps his grandpas shovel to recall the old days when work was