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Highlights High Five™

High Five - Follow Me!
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Young children are curious investigators, busy making sense of the world around them. So in “That’s Silly!” on pages more

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At the end of her first day in pre-K, Anna left the classroom on her own. When we realized she was missing, I went more

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High Five - Play Along!
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Have you ever found yourself immersed in a puzzle? I certainly have. As a former subway rider, I often worked puzzles more

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High Five International - Here We Go!
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Kelley Cunningham, Highlights High Five’s art director, and I regularly go to the photographer’s studio to direct more

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Reading aloud is one of the best things you can do to help your child learn to read. Children develop larger more

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High Five International - Look at This!
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Recently, a friend told me about his experience sharing a “My First Hidden Pictures™ Puzzle” with his more

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On the days when I go to the gym (and I wish there were more of them!), it feels good to get moving. Being surrounded more

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High Five International - Let's Play!
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We may joke about it at times, but we all talk about the weather. It’s something we have in common with our more

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High Five International - Jump In!
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In each issue, you’ll find Spot’s newest adventure on page 5. These little stories are a delightful reflection of more

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High Five International - Let's Go! (V2,N2)
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Children are masters of play. They love it. And it’s important. In fact, developmental psychologists tell us that play more

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