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Tania Is A Detective

Tania Is A Detective
Tania Is A Detective
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Tania and mama forgot Anne (Tania's doll) in the park when they had to rush home. They went back for her but Anne had disappeared. Can mama and Tania find and follow the clues to figure out what happened to Anne?

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Pages: 15
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Girls, Mommy & Me
Features: Photos
Keywords: mystery, search, doll
Date Added: October 23, 2014
Tania is a detective Kanika G Copyright by Kanika G  Tania is a detective Tania and mama were in the park Tania wanted to sit on the merrygoround As usual she had taken Anne with her Anne was Tanias favourite doll Mama put Tania on one of the seats of the merrygoround and Anne on another seat Then mama pushed it to make it go round Tania was delighted and shouted Faster mama faster I want it to go faster So mama pushed harder and soon it was going quite fast  Suddenly it started raining heavily Mama quickly picked up Tania and took her indoors But they had to run some distance in the rain and they were both soaked In their rush they forgot all about Anne Poor Anne  Mama rushed Tania home She undressed her and dried her vigorously with a towel Then she put her in clean dry clothes Mama dried and changed herself too When they finished it was time for dinner Tania went to get Anne so they could have dinner together Papa was going to be back late from office So it was just the of them Tania could not find Anne in the usual place She asked Mama have you  seen Anne I cant find her When was the last time you saw her asked mama Tania thought for a moment and said We took her to the park She was on the merrygo round Oh no said mama I suppose we left her there when we rushed back because of the rain Tania looked very upset She said Mama Anne is wet in the rain and all alone Can we go get her now Yes of course sweetie said mama willing to delay dinner for such an important matter Tania and mama walked up to the merrygo round but Anne was not on it Where could she  be Tania asked Mama where is Anne How do we find her Mama replied Lets ask the building watchman He may know what happened to Anne  So they went back to the building and asked the watchman The watchman said I saw the doll on the merrygoround I did not know who it belonged to So I brought it in and put it on my desk here Just a few minutes back I went to the restroom and when I was back the doll had disappear