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Tania's New Bicycle

Tania's New Bicycle
Tania's New Bicycle
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Tania has a new bicycle. She has no trouble as long as the training wheels are on. But mama takes off the training wheels after a week and Tania has a bad fall. She wont go near her bicycle again. Does little Tania manage to over come her fear and learn to ride her bike? Read on to find out.

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Pages: 19
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Girls, Health & Sports, Mommy & Me
Features: Photos
Keywords: bicycle, learn, overcome fear
Date Added: October 27, 2014
Tanias New Bicycle By Kanika G Copyright y Kanika G Website httpssitesgooglecomsitekanikagebooks  Tanias New Bicycle Tania was now quite adept at riding her tricycle She was getting a little too big for it Mama and papa thought it was time for her to graduate to a bicycle now On Sunday mama and papa took Tania to the cycle store  It was a huge store with a large selection of cycles There were big cycles and small cycles of many different colours Some had bells and some had pretty bicycle baskets attached  Tania and her parents looked around the store for a while Tania tried out a few different cycles They all finally agreed on a very cute blue small childrens bicycle It was perfectly suited for Tania  Mama also bought some training wheels and a helmet so Tania could use the bike safely When they got back from the store Tania helped papa attach the training wheels to the cycle with a screwdriver Then she put on her  helmet and got on the bike With the training wheels on the bicycle was no harder to ride than the tricycle she had before Tania had a wonderful time riding around the housing society The bike had a bell that would make a loud RRRINNG sound and Tania enjoyed using it before turning a  corner After about a week Tania seemed quite comfortable with the new bike and mama thought it was time to take off the training wheels When Tania got on the bike without any training wheels it wobbled a lot Mama assured her she would hold on behind But once Tania seemed to have got her balance mama let go Unfortunately it was a big step and as soon as Tania realised mama was not holding she got scared and lost her balance and fell off The area in the housing society where she was riding was a hard paved surface Tania