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The Tree That I Am

The Tree That I Am
The Tree That I Am
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Learn the Seasons with the CanDos! Colorful and full of fantasy, this story brings the seasons to life through the eyes of a little tree growing and learning through its first year of life. "The seasons will come and the seasons will go and the tree that I am, I will continue to grow."


Holly's picture
That was great. It was a real lesson of life and how things change, are sometimes sad and then most often look up again.
K. Maria's picture
Wonderful story for children to understand seasons. Illustrations so-ooo nice!
springpeepers10's picture
A great way to promote scientific inquiry and love of the seasons, our trees, and our planet.
thecandos's picture
Learn the Seasons with the CanDos!

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Pages: 52
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
Categories: Educational, Fantasy, Growing Up
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: happy, learn, winter, fall, weather, summer, sad, learn the seasons, seasons, spring
Date Added: September 24, 2011
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