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Sunday's With Papa T, A River Adventure

Sunday's With Papa T, A River Adventure
Sunday's With Papa T, A River Adventure
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Do you remember that special time with your grandfather or grandmother: the walks, the talks, the bonding between child and grandparent? Nine year old Brylee and her grandfather, Papa T, spent their special times each Sunday together as they are bonded by exploring the outdoors and discovering the secrets of nature. This Sunday is on a river fishing trip. Follow along as Brylee and Papa T learn more about themselves and the secrets the outdoor holds.

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Pages: 29
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0981752150
Categories: Action Adventure, Daddy & Me, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations, Photos
Keywords: animals, adventure, nature, action, picture book, boys, girls
Date Added: December 30, 2010
ISBN  c2008 Tommy Batchelor All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or stored transmitted or recorded by any means without the written permission of the author Published by Mirror Publishing Milwaukee WI wwwpagesofwondercom Printed in the USA SUNDAYS WITH PAPA T A River Adventure Written by Tommy Batchelor Illustrated by Ted Clements This book is dedicated to our grandchildren Brylee Austin Ashton Renae Jennifer and Cameron To our family librarian Mom and our own Daddy B To all our readers May your outdoor adventures be Blessed You ever heard the saying Up the creek without a paddle Well thats where me and my Papa T are right at this moment Now what will we do and how do we get back home Oooh no Papa T has a plan I love my Papa T but sometimes his ideas are a little out there You know what I mean Hi My name is Brylee Im nine years old and Im in the 4th grade I love art class and my worst class is math Ugh What class is your favorite Papa Ts age is somewhere around the time of dirt His words not mine Hes just an antique That means hes worth a lot We need to start at the beginning When I was bornOh Wait thats too far back in the beginning Why dont we start with this morningSunday morning Papa T knows everything about the outdoors Hes where I get my love for nature Do you enjoy the outdoors It was dark and stormy when Papa T crashed into my room and threw the covers off my bed HeeHeeHeeActually