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Squirrely Over Nuts

Squirrely Over Nuts
Squirrely Over Nuts
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Carol, the squirrel, wants to enjoy the peanuts that everyone else is eating. The only problem is when she eats one she has a terrible reaction to it. A squirrel with a peanut allergy? Find out what she dose in this delightful story to help children deal with food allergies.


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This book is available for purchase at You can find out about all of my books at
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May I site you and your comment on my website? I can add the title of your book with it. A. T. Baron
springpeepers10's picture
Love the concept.... and the animal tracks at the bottom of each page. Educational and entertaining on many levels!
Ethan's picture
I like the story. Allergies are not fun for anyone..........
Rick Brooks's picture
Interesting idea for a book. Nice illustrations.

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Pages: 34
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781452843889
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Food, Health & Sports
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: animals, squirrel, food, allergies, peanuts, tracks
Date Added: December 29, 2010
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