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Richard Was a Picker

Richard Was a Picker
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Richard picks his nose, until one day he discovers the perils of his habit. When his finger gets stuck up his nose, Richard panics. Then his nose sucks up his arm. Before he knows it, all of him slides up his nose. Richard has become a giant booger. He propels his booger-ball self out of his house. But as he rolls down the sidewalk things get worse, way worse. Soon the whole town is chasing after him and jabbing at him. Will Richard be poked to pieces? With some quick thinking and a little luck, Richard avoids a terrible end. Richard was a Picker is gross. It's zany. It has rhythm, music and rhyme. It may even be a cure for nose picking!


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Pages: 34
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781554690886
Categories: Boys, Imagination, Lessons
Features: Illustrations, Narrations
Keywords: lesson, habit, nose, booger
Date Added: December 9, 2011
W h a t s u P W h a t s u P n o s e n o s e r i c h a R d s r i c h a R d s W W W r i c h a r d W a s a P i c k e r c o m r i c h a R d W a s a P i c k e r C a r o l y n B e c k a n d B e n H o d s o n  c a r o ly n B e c k has been wr iting since she was a ch i ld Her first picturebook The Waiting Dog was quite controversia l Five years later her second picturebook Buttercups Lovely Day was publ ished by Orca Book Publ ishers It is a much sweeter story In fact it is so sweet it was nom inated for a Blue Spruce award Richard Was a Picker is her th ird picturebook It is a l ittle bit sweet and a l ittle bit sa lty Carolyn l ives in Toronto Ontar io B e n h o d s o n never pick s h is nose especia l ly wh i le hes hold ing a paintbrush That cou ld be dangerous and messy Ben l ives in Ottawa Ontar io w ith h is w ife May and h is daughter Zoe co v e r a rt wor k b y ben hod son j ac k e t de s ign b y t e r e s a bu be l a i l lu s t r at or pho t o b y t im i r v in pr in t ed in c a n a da Shou lder s chest k nees and toes the rest of R icha rd sl id u p his n os e R icha rd was i n h is ha l fp icked snout wh ich now was com pletely i n si d e o ut He looked l i ke a booger a big g loopy blob an ooey g luey goober y g lo b one day R ichard pick s h is nose and h is finger gets stuck Wel l not just stuck It gets sucked up inside h is nose Before he knows it a l l of h im sl ides up h is nose and he becomes a g iant booger R ichard propels h is boogerba l l self out of h is house He has a solution in m ind but w i l l it work As he rol ls down the sidewa lk th ings get worseway worse Soon the whole town is chasing af ter h im Wi l l R ichard reach h is destination or w i l l he be picked to pieces by the mob Richard Was a Picker is zany and fun Packed w ith rhythm music and rhyme it may even be a cure for nosepick ing written byCarolyn Beckillustrated byBen Hodson Text copy r ight  Carolyn Beck I llust rat ions copy r ight  Ben Hodson A ll r ights reser ved No part