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The Littlest Sled Dog

The Littlest Sled Dog
The Littlest Sled Dog
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Igvillu said to herself, "When I grow up, I am going to be a St. Bernard." She dreamed about running in the deep, pure-white snows of the Alps and rescuing skiers. She dreamed of running, running so fast, chasing wolves with sleek Irish wolfhounds. She dreamed of hunting with dingoes in Australia. She dreamed of splashing in clear waters fetching ducks with golden retrievers. But most of the time she dreamed about pulling huge, heavy sleds with big huskies, way up north. A little dog dreams big. Igvillu is a little dog with big dreams. One of her favorite dreams is of becoming a sled dog. When Igvillu is adopted from her kennel by an Inuit storyteller and moves to northern Canada, she comes face-to-face with real sled dogs. Igvillu loves living in the North, chasing siksiks and dreaming about her future. She's a dog who believes anything is possible!

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Pages: 34
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781551437521
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Health & Sports
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: dream, sledding, determination, wolves, dingos, canada
Date Added: October 13, 2011
Michael Kusugak V ladyana Kr ykorka written by Michael Kusugak illustrated by V ladyana Kr ykorka Orca Book Publ ishers Text copy r ight  M ichael Kusugak I llust rat ions copy r ight  V ladyana K r ykorka A ll r ights reser ved No part of th is publ icat ion may be reproduced or t ransm it ted in any form or by any means elect ron ic or mechan ical including photocopy ing recording or by any informat ion storage and ret r ieval system now known or to be invented w ithout perm ission in wr it ing from the publ isher Librar y and A rch ives Canada Cataloguing in Publicat ion Kusugak M ichael The l it t lest sled dog wr it ten by M ichael Kusugak illust rated by V ladyana K r ykorka ISBN I K r ykorka V ladyana I I Tit le PS8571U83L48 jC81354 C2008902684 First publ ished in the Un ited States Librar y of Congress Control Number Summar y A l it t le dog named Ig v illu dreams of being a sled dog in the North Orca Book Publ ishers gratefu lly acknowledges the support for its publ ish ing programs prov ided by the follow ing agencies the Government of Canada through the Book Publ ish ing Indust r y Development Program and the Canada Council for the A rts and the Prov ince of Br it ish Columbia through the BC A rts Council and the Book Publ ish ing Tax Credit Cover artwork by Vladyana Krykorka Design by Teresa Bubela Orca Book Publishers PO Box Stn B Victor ia BC Canada V8R 6S4 Orca Book Publishers PO Box Custer WA USA  wwworcabook com Pr inted and bound in Ch ina         For Dylan M ikilaaq Sangikti Kusugak my grandson M For Petra M ila my granddaughter with all my love V She was born in Red Deer A lberta When she was a puppy her mother told her stories What do dogs tel l stories about Other dogs of course Ig vil lus mother told her stories about dogs from a l l around the world Her mother sa id There are huge dogs ca l led St Bernards They l ive in the mounta ins Sometimes it snows It snows and it snows The snow pi les up unti l it is so h igh it canno