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Jen and the Frosted Friends

Jen and the Frosted Friends
Jen and the Frosted Friends
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This is a fun LOL read for tween girls ages 8-12. The girls are dealing with a mean teacher named Mrs. Frost. She's making fifth grade miserable for the girls. Will they make it to the sixth grade? Find out! This is part 2 of the "Get Frosted" series. Part 1 is "Frost Bites".


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this is a great book
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i love this book
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I would like my daughther to be able to read some of the books ..........
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This is a great book for tween girls. It deals with school, friends, cute boys...everything girls would want to read about. It's humorous and best for girls ages 8-12. Get your copy today!

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Pages: 118
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781452053493
Categories: Family & Friends, Girls, Growing Up
Features: Chapters
Keywords: funny, friendship, tween
Date Added: May 16, 2011
J e n a n d t h e F r o s t e d F r i e n d s B y K e r r y S p a r k s  Introduction Fifth grade is the best for Jennifer Rebecca Pamela and Sammie Their teacher Mrs Fern is nice and easygoing the boys are extra cute this year and between the girls the glitter supply is strong The girls use so much glitter the principal calls them The Frosted Friends All is well until mean old substitute Mrs Frost comes along Jen and Becca already had to have Mrs Frost for fourth grade and Mrs Frost is supposed to be retired Mrs Frost is back and shes as mean as ever Shes making the girls write sentences and confiscating glitter Everyone seems to think Mrs Frost is the pits except for Jens classmate Frowning Francesca Clearwater Shes the only one smiling for once Will Mrs Frost pass the girls on to the sixth grade or are they destined to stay in the fifth grade forever  Chapter 1Meet the group We mature fifth graders all stood in line waiting to pose for the camera It was picture day and we were all cheesing big time We were missing class and that was enough to put a smile on even Frowning Francescas face Francesca was new at our school and though school had already been in session for five weeks we had yet to see her smile I looked at her Yep It was a frown all right My friends and I took turns running Pamelas brush through our hair The teacher warned us about head lice Rebecca rolled her eyes and kept on brushing Rebecca Cane is on the short side with a brown chin length bob and brown puppy dog eyes Shes kind of like a puppy in that she follows you wherever you go Becca is my best friend though she is everybody in our groups best friend Shes very likable because she agrees with everything you say and she goes where you want to go If you feel like going to the  mall shes up for it If you want to order pizza shell beg her mom to order a pizza Becca is also very smart Shes a good person to have around when youre studying for a test Oh Man Theres glitter in this brush Sammie whin