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Hyper Polly Sillabick 2 - Mysterious Blue Cat

Hyper Polly Sillabick 2 - Mysterious Blue Cat
Hyper Polly Sillabick 2 - Mysterious Blue Cat
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This is the second book in the "Hyper Polly Sillabick" three book series. Polly chases a strange cat that keeps trying to lure her near. During the chase, Polly literally runs into "The Shady Lady" who gives her some eerie healing cream. Join Polly as she continues her new life full of paranormal adventures. This book leads into the third installment - "The Shady Lady of Knotty Lane" that reveals The Shady Lady's real intentions.

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Pages: 113
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Educational, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: scary, action, hero, world, elements, slipstream, battle, dimension, slingshot, weapon
Date Added: September 18, 2011
Mysterious Blue Cat The Shady Lady of Knotty Lane BOOK TWO MYSTERIOUS BLUE CAT Table of Contents Chapter OnePolly Meets Beezer Chapter TwoDevons No Help Chapter ThreePollyspeak Chapter FourThe Golden Box Chapter FiveThe Shady Lady Chapter SixSomething in Common Chapter SevenPolly Asks a Question Chapter EightIndigo Stalks Chapter NineA Miraculous Healing  CHAPTER ONE POLLY MEETS BEEZER Polly knew that beginning a new life in a new town wasnt going to be easy She was hoping to find lots of new friends to make the transition from old to new a bit smoother In the midst of tracking down some new playmates Polly became entwined in some sort of weird feline situation that was both intriguing and frightening The cat would appear suddenly then just as quickly disappear into thin air The strange creepiness of the cats eerily odd unknown intentions certainly caused Polly a great measure of apprehension Animals do not miraculously pop in and out as if from another world Usually animals make noise Usually animals are not BLUE When Polly spied the blue cat at the house on Knotty Lane she was immediately transfixed She was as Polly would say shockatized The dark blue hue of the furry feline was alluring to her Its not every day that someone happens on a curiouslycolored cat What was incredibly unnerving was the odd way the cat behaved It acted as if it wanted to be seen but once it knew it had been noticed it  immediately and stealthily made a grand production of its own exit Now you see it now you dont As Polly made her weak attempt to catch the cat it made a quick departure without a sound Polly was flabbergasted and Polly isnt usually flabbergasted Cats certainly do not flabbergast her Polly is a very perceptive child She can always tell if something is not as it should be Thus she definitely could sense that this cat was not normal This cat was unlike anything she had ever encountered This cat was calculating It toyed with Polly in a psychological way It was in Pollys consc