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The Grand Hall Character Ball

The Grand Hall Character Ball
The Grand Hall Character Ball
Average: 3.7 (7 votes)

Join Emily and Kogel as they make their way to the Grand Hall Character Ball. They have to hurry! The ball is tomorrow night but first they have to cross Determination Bridge. Will they make it? It's an adventure full of interesting characters and even an evil witch! Come along, because you have a role to play too!


Navneet Bhamrah's picture
Good book to read!

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Pages: 36
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-615-39991-1
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Boys
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: adventure, fun, friendship, inspire to read, make a difference, find your story, accept a helping hand, be a friend, feel good
Date Added: June 7, 2011
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