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About A Cow

About A Cow
About A Cow
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Book Number 1 - Princess the Cow series. This is a charming and most moving tale about a young female calf growing up, told through her own eyes. Princess is not just an ordinary calf. She is different to the others. Sure she is black, but the wrong kind of black! Follow her through her early years, of bullying and racism, until her best friend, a young boy, tells her of a Great Place that is to be her destiny. If Princess were human, she would be a 13 year old girl, dreaming of a career as a super-model. That would a daring dream for any girl; but for a cow that is different, is it a dream too far…?

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Pages: 136
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-4478-2248-6
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Girls, Lessons
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: cow, cows, princess
Date Added: May 20, 2013
About a Cow Andy Frazier I would like to dedicate this particular book to all those great cattlemen I have known past and present Their passion and skills have inspired me all my life Andy Frazier Princess the Cow series Book About a Cow Copyright Andy Frazier all rights reserved First published June ISBN Printed by Lulu Press Version Nov For more information on the author visit wwwandyfraziercouk  Index Introduction A highland afternoon Square head  New owners  Partners  On show Fear  No trace  The Great Royal  Rules  Princess of Glenachie Do your best   Introduction Growing up is never an easy task There is no fast track no shortcut through to adulthood its just a waiting game For a young cow growing up the stakes are a little higher or should I say the steaks are higher Princess was born to be more than just another farm animal she was different to the others Growing up and being different now there is a real challenge It brings fear and hardship it takes strength and courage but above all it needs friendships Princess was not good at making friends because she knew she was different She did have one good friend a small boy who was not without troubles of his own He promised he would look after her for ever and he gave her a dream  Chapter A Highland Afternoon I can only just remember the first time I opened m y eyes to see mothers huge furry ears flapping over me like birds in the sky Her rough wet tongue washed my forehead vigorously as though she wanted to clean me before anyone arrived For a short while I just lay there watching her as she licked at the w et sticky slim e that covered my black hair Then she gave me a nudge a sort of encouragement for me to get up and get moving I somehow knew that standing up wouldnt be an easy task and cow was it ever difficult These leg things were all of a tangle like a bowl of black spaghetti I tried my best to unfold them and I nearly got upright on my first go but then it all went disastrously wron