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Rudy and the Beast Book 1, My Homework Ate My Dog

Rudy and the Beast Book 1, My Homework Ate My Dog
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When an enchanted sheet of homework "eats" his pet beagle and disappears, gutsy eleven-year-old Rudy Berkman must embark on a terrifying quest to rescue his beloved pet from a greater evil than he could ever imagine.


reynaldo1's picture
i think you shoud read this book because it really is intoresting
dajah's picture
hopefully this book is good people tell me if it is

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Pages: 187
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1456573447
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Boys
Features: Chapters
Keywords: adventure, scary, funny, comedy, dog, school, magic, homework, beagle, derek the ghost
Date Added: May 6, 2011
Rudy and the Beast Book One MY HOMEWORK ATE MY DOG By Derek the Ghost  Derek the Ghost Rudy and the Beast Book  My Homework Ate My Dog Copyright  by Derek Taylor Kent wwwScarySchoolcom All rights reserved Cover art by Mary Gutfleisch No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews For information address wwwScarySchoolcom ISBN13   Rudy and the Beast My Homework Ate My Dog To Shadow Skimble Munchkin Holmes and Darby the Bird  CONTENTS Derek the Ghost Acknowledgments  The Day We Moved  The Best City in the World  No Day in the Park  The First Day of School  Ms Covenly  Things Get Worse  Principal Pooly  The Horrible Homework  Aftermath           The Second Day of School An Unexpected Friend Bretts Bike A Bumpy Ride The Crazy Rescue Dont Open the Freezer The War of the Ankaras Whats in the Box Follow that Glider Flytrap                      Rudy and the Beast My Homework Ate My Dog  Bluffers                  Transformation  Transformation Part II  The Shelter An Old Gift  The Beaks of Eagles   The Choice Blue and Red   The Third Day of School The March   The Gruesome Collection The Noose Tightens  A Dogs Life   Cranium No Way Out   The First Day of School Sneak   Derek the Ghost CHAPTER  THE DAY WE MOVED The ceiling crashed down in front of me The flames had burst out of control in just the few moments it took to pull in the garden hose from the front yard Now a wall of fire blocked my way out the front door There was no way out The thick smoke was blinding and choking me at the same time Then over the crackling and hissing I heard Beast barking Crawling beneath the river of smoke I found my best friend cowering in the laundry room dryer Shaking with fear myself and with no better plan I joined my pet beagle in the dryer I shut the hatch and watched through t