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Hamilton Troll meets Rudy Rat

Hamilton Troll meets Rudy Rat
Hamilton Troll meets Rudy Rat
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Rudy is not a very nice rat according to Rosa Raccoon and the other children. He does bad things and says mean stuff and no one wants to play with him. So Hamilton decides to have a talk with Rudy. However, when Rudy Rat sees Hamilton Troll, he gets so afraid he runs off, which clues in Hamilton that Rudy may need a friend more than they thought. Hamilton then encourages the children to put their “PAWS” together for friendship. Pause what you are doing, Approach, Welcome Rudy to join the game and Smile. Rudy then feels accepted and is able to hang out with the children and have fun, creating friends rather than enemies. The Troll Patrol encourages you to be accepting. When you are nice to others, invite them to play and care about their feelings; friendships grow.

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Pages: 39
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1941345139
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Educational, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations, Narrations, Sounds
Keywords: rat, bully, making friends, anti-bullying, troll, paws for friendship
Date Added: August 19, 2016
2015 First Place Children's Educational Series
A bright yellow day it seemed that it was Every bird was in the sky flying. Hamilton lay on the ground resting When little Rosa ran up crying. --- Rosa Raccoon is a sweet little girl. She is always seen with a smile. But something was wrong, Hamilton knew Crying was not her style. “What’s wrong” he asked as she ran to his arms and hid by closing her eyes. This was an odd way for Rosa to act, this was really quite a surprise. --- She sniffled and coughed and tried to explain but she was too upset to speak. He noticed her turn her head towards the field and carefully did take a peek. She was hiding from someone or running away. An incident hadn’t gone right. Something or someone had done, said or did, something to give Rosa a fright. --- She said “I simply can’t take it! It’s that he’s so mean! He doesn’t realize that he hurts. He says these bad things and laughs when you cry and steals the others’ desserts. He takes our toys, and trips the small ones and doodles on everyone’s stuff. He’s just not nice to anyone here, I’ve just about had enough!” --- Hamilton Troll heard all of this story and shook his head to concur. He wondering who she was talking about. He patted Rosa’s soft fur. “Slow down little one and tell me the story, and please start from the beginning. Who is the mean one who steals your toys and does all those other bad things?” --- “He’s Rudy the Rat and boy is he mean, no one likes him, not one bit.” Rosa continued as she sat on a stump, ‘Cause Hamilton asked her to sit. “He took Susie’s flower.