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The Pauper Prince

The Pauper Prince
The Pauper Prince
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The poor Prince in fairytale land needs to find a wealthy Princess or lose his fortune forever in this witty, humorous Fractured Fairytale venture your children are sure to love! The poor prince who has to rely and marry a wealthy princess who is locked in a tower by the dragon, but instead she is resorceful and doesnt look at her situation in a victimized view.

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Copyright  by Amelia Picklewiggle Author Copyright  by Maria Pearson Illustrator All rights reserved Federal copyright law prohibits unauthorized reproduction by any means and imposes fines up to for violation This material may not be duplicated for any profitdriven enterprise Fractured Fairytale Series Presents the Pauper Prince by Amelia Picklewiggle designed and illustrated by Maria Pearson Once upon a time there lived a Prince well sort of a Prince He wasnt wealthy like most Princes were so he sat on his throne holding his head up with his hand waiting for his Princess to arrive Oh woe is me What am I to do now He asked his man servant who was attempting to shine his pointed shoes  One day the Prince left the castle to search for his Princess He heard there was a beautiful Princess locked in a tower waiting for her Knight in shining armor to rescue her  He was without doubt not a Knight so he wandered through the forest in search of a worthy Knight  The Prince traveled for miles until he reached the edge of the forest  At the edge of the forest he was met by a little old woman carrying a basket full of keys