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Graham and Kaipo

Graham and Kaipo
Graham and Kaipo
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Graham and Kaipo are two creatures separated by a vast ocean, but who are brought together by fate. In the heart of Africa they find themselves prisoners of heartless human animal traders. When fortune smiles upon them and they escape, they embark on a perilous journey to find their home. Along the way they must face danger, unforgiving wilderness, as well as their haunting past. They began as strangers, became friends and are destined through courage to do something extraordinary. 

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Pages: 74
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Educational
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: graphic novel, ape, gorilla, koala, animal trade
Date Added: September 3, 2015
Copyright2015 Paul G Day All rights reserved Special thanks to Chris Graham aka The Story Reading Ape for his ongoing support in all things publishing and for providing the inspiration for this book This Story Writing Koala salutes you Thanks also to my very patient and understanding wife without whom I am nothing and for supporting me as I follow my dreams Thanks also to my small but loyal fan base many of whom have most of my books in their personal libraries Illegal trafficking of wild animals is responsible for the loss of  species of animals in the past  years The illegal animal trade is worth about billion and is the fifth largest trade in the world Each year in Africa alone Gorillas are killed for meat traditional medicine or just for trophies We are never getting out of this place Youve been saying that for weeks Theres sudden movement outside in the compound followed by a flurry of excited shouting Then What Is that true GrahamI mean Mr Silverback Of course its not true Liona is just a grumpy old thing Dont mind her squirt Yeah Thats right Im grumpycause we are never ENOUGH See I told you Were done for I dont like the sound of that at all Gunfire Thats what the humans call it Ive heard that sound somewhere before Not good Not good at all Gunfire That sounds too familiar for comfort They dont have time to discuss it further There are more sounds outside the window as two shadows appear What are they doing I dont know but whatever it is it cant be good Umm fellas whats gonna happen to us