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The Essay

The Essay
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Benjamin "Stubs" Stafford recalls his early years of overcoming a deformed leg and hand since birth. His classmates nickname him "Stubby" even as he works through the process of having a prosthesis. With the love and support of his family, he wins an essay contest that changes his life and the way his classmates look at him. A story of compassion and understanding, The Essay, will educate and encourage readers of all ages.What People SayWith the insight of an insider, Isabell Niland gives children an opportunity to explore their feelings about differences, bullies, and being bullied. The powerful message of overcoming obstacles and opinions permeates the pages of a book all children can find a part of themselves within. --Dee Blank, Elementary Supervisor, Allegany County Board of Education 

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781882658336
Categories: Family & Friends, Growing Up, Self Esteem
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: bullying, prosthesis, self esteem, fitting in, social skills
Date Added: May 30, 2015
Mom's Choice Award
The newly installed sign over my office door swayed gently in the breeze It was made out of an antique desk top that was part of the clutter in my Grandmas attic I stood admiring the craftsmanship of the sign and of the piece of iron holding it securely to the old building It was roughhewn like it just left the blacksmiths shop The old sign and the old building seemed to complement each other As I stood there looking at the sign I swelled with pride as I thought about all Id accomplished over the last few years I read the words carved in the old wood Benjamin Stubs Stafford Attorney at Law My parents say my nickname doesnt belong on such a prestigious sign but it is a part of me Its who I am My college buddies didnt even know my name was Ben In fact everyone on campus called me Stubs I was the guy they came to if they needed a tutor an organizer an editor or just a friend   Always surrounded by friends talking laughing and comparing notes before class I was the big man on campus It wasnt always like that though No one at college knew that the name Stubs was actually a shortened version of Stubby Id told no one about the struggles Id faced just trying to get through each day nor had I mentioned how much I hated that nickname when I was growing up No one knew the story of how a little boy in fourth grade finally got his day in court how he spoke so eloquently pleading his case to an auditorium full of elementary children Although it was a long time ago I remember it as though it happened yesterday All the memories from my childhood are vivid in my mind making recall of the details an easy task All the hurt all the ugly words flow through my head like rushing water Even though many years have passed since I attended Brook Park Elementary School the sneers and disgust on my classmates faces when I entered the room are so clear in my mind they cause a chill  to race up my spine I wonder how I endured such cruelty on a daily basis and how kids could be so relentless w