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The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin

The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin
The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin
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"The book your child will treasure forever." You'll be enchanted along with your little ones as you read them their first novel. This tall tale is rich with excitement, and filled with characters that are funny, memorable and inspirational. It's a story of friendship, trust and courage that also contains a few close calls with evil villains and narrow escapes. Life lessons such as teamwork and the rewards of smart decisions fill the journey. The entire story embraces a sense of good that demonstrates the importance manners, with the strongest life lesson being perseverance.The charismatic wonder at work here is Pengey Penguin,  a tiny soft-spoken orphan, he's humble and shy, but smart and unstoppable in his goal to find the woman who saved his life. It's Pengey and the two most unlikely animal friends he meets along his journey who we come to admire so much.It is Pengey Penguin's unstoppable journey from starvation to success that is the very heart of the story.  Read-Aloud to children as young as 4 to 7 - Unassisted reading ages 6 to 12 - "A Bedtime Story for the Soul"

Book Details

Pages: 221
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0977422708
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Educational, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: pengey penguin, animal adventures, mad scientist, evil villains and narrow escapes
Date Added: August 1, 2013