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Where Angels Go to Grow

Where Angels Go to Grow | Online Kid's Book
Where Angels Go to Grow
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Come with me to the cool, clear waters and bright, sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and we’ll discover their amazing secret together.


jltraweek's picture
Beautiful pictures and lovely writing! Any child who has ever been shell seeking on the Gulf will really like this book. I think it is lovely.

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Pages: 30
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-936172-47-4
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Environment, Imagination
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: angels, florida, coquina, beach, dolphin
Date Added: June 11, 2013
Where Angels Go to Grow Written by Celia Edmundson Illustrated by Jer Enloe Where Angels Go to Grow is a sweet story w ith sof t ly co lored words and i l lustrat ions It te l ls about the connect ion between ange ls coqu ina she l ls and the sea Ange la Foster Age  Our son Bobby is capt ivated by the ange ls A beaut ifu l story to be read over and over L isa and Gary Jodat It makes my hear t sm i le Dr Char lotta Lang ley Ped iatr ic ian Th is book is great Just read a l itt le and you l l understand the ange ls secret Sam i Cohen Age  The mag ic of the ange ls and the beauty of the coqu inas weave together to create a tru ly fantast ic story that gave me a who le new look at the beach and the treasures it ho lds Margaret Summers Age  Ch i ldren young and o ld w i l l we lcome th is story G iven such a v isua l narrat ive w ith ar twork so serene the readers imag inat ion engages to comp lete the who le exper ience The story becomes r ich ly persona l to each and every reader Kathryn Turner Mother of three Where Angels Go to Grow is a charm ing story that draws the ch i ld in from page one Cae l Reeves Babys itter I cant wa it to go to the beach and look for coqu ina she l ls Mason Markey Age  It made me th ink of the stor ies my grandma to ld me Shannon Faust Age  Th is l itt le book is a de l ightfu l fantasy just f i l led w ith joy and hope It w i l l appea l to both ch i ldren and adu lts Dr Bev Musta ine Gr ief counse lor We were a l l ange ls on the beach when we were sma l l but Mommy who invented coqu inas anyways Me i Hu i de Ve lasco Age  Where Angels Go to Grow is a joy It is my grandch i lds favor ite bedt ime story Gram I love the wh ims ica l nature of the pa int ings Emerson Lee Graph ic des igner I loved the story and the p ictures Shay la Adams Age  It makes you w ish you cou ld catch one of the ange ls in person Th is story fee ls spec ia l Gabb i Gray Age  Its a Chr istmas day k ind of storycuz you th ink Santas gonna show up too Josh Gr