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Achoo! | Online Kid's Book
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When the monkeys wake up on the Island of Blue to the startling sound of an unusual "Achoo," Mayor Munkin tries hard to keep down the sneezing, but the results he is getting are not very pleasing. Will he take some advice before all monkeys get sick when his other good options just don't do the trick? Is the answer so simple as a sweet smelling treat that wise monkey Mubby wants to give them to eat? Sneeze along with the monkeys on this infectiousy delightful tale.


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Between the adorable monkeys, the beautiful colors, and the fun rhymes, I can't help myself but to bellow "Achoo" when I'm reading this book to a little one.
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“Achoo! will appeal to any child who has ever sneezed! The easy, lilting style of the narrative and the repetitive achoos and shoo, shoo, shoos, not only appeal to children, they also help them to begin to recognize sounds, an essential component to emergent literacy. It is a book to be read over and over, especially when our little ones have those stuffy noses.” Phylis Shulman, Assistant Principal, Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy, NY
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“Achoo! Just like a sneeze, this book really grabs your attention! As a reading specialist, I admire the rhyme and rhythm of this delightful tale. As a parent, it’s bound to become a favorite for bedtime sharing. It is, simply put, a fun read. Children really do love monkeys! Achoo! is truly a gem!” Sherry Lee Clark, Early Childhood and Reading Specialist, PA
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“A lovely story, with incredibly enchanting illustrations.”Joyce Fishman, Chief of Ed. Services, Northside Center for Child Development, NY “This adorable story beautifully illustrates that everyone’s voice is important. I loved it!” Nadeen Silverstein, Children’s Director, Rosenthal JCC of Northern Westchester, NY

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-936172-40-5
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Health & Sports, Lessons
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: monkey, health, blue, blueberries
Date Added: June 7, 2013
incredibly enchanting truly a gem A c h o o author Laura Nad ler Scott artist Marguerite Massa  by Laura Nad ler Scott  i l lustrat ions by Marguer ite Massa Pr inted in the Un ited States of Amer ica A l l r ights reserved Th is pub l icat ion is protected by Copyr ight and perm iss ion shou ld be obta ined from the pub l isher pr ior to any proh ib ited reproduct ion storage in a retr ieva l system or transm iss ion in any form or by any means e lectron ic mechan ica l photocopy ing record ing or l ikew ise Pub l ished by E ifr ig Pub l ish ing LLC PO Box   Berry Street Lemont PA  USA Knobe lsdorffstr   Ber l in Germany For informat ion regard ing perm iss ion wr ite to R ights and Perm iss ions Department E ifr ig Pub l ish ing LLC PO Box   Berry Street Lemont PA  USA perm iss ionse ifr igpub l ish ingcom  L ibrary of Congress Contro l Number  Scott Laura Nad ler Achoo by Laura Nad ler Scott i l lustrated by Marguer ite Massa p cm Paperback ISBN  Hard Cover ISBN   Juven i l le F ict ionAn ima lsMonkeys  Juven i l le F ict ionHea lth I Massa Marguer ite i l l II T it le Achoo           Pr inted by Jostens in Apr i l  on FSCcert if ied  PCW recyc led paper For Bubby L NS Be well little monkeys in all that you do May you learn a few lessons from the Island of Blue For Beverly MM Mayor Munkin kept order on the Island of Blue where chimps swung in blue trees sipping blue morning dew  Every day after breakfast they all marched along to the top of Blue hill to stay healthy and strong All lived well on the island until out of the blue coming out from the branches they heard something new  A a a a a A a a a c h o o o A a a a a a h  confused by the outburst they listened and froze Are those sneezly sounds from some sad monkeys nose  Mayor Munkin spoke quickly raising his palm Friends do not worry we must all stay calm I am the Mayor and I know what to do First we must find out who made that achoo