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Pirates at Pawleys: Another Carolina Cousins Mystery

Pirates at Pawleys: Another Carolina Cousins Mystery
Pirates at Pawleys: Another Carolina Cousins Mystery
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The Carolina Cousins are back at Pawleys Island for another month of adventure and mystery.  This July the newspapers are talking about pirates.  Yes, pirates!  Modern day pirates in the form of poachers have desecrated several loggerhead sea turtle nests along the coasts of South Carolina, and the southeastern coastline of North Carolina. As volunteers with the DNR’s turtle rescue program, the Carolina Cousins are heads deep into the mysterious robbing of these protected animals.

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Pages: 28
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780774320121
Categories: Animals & Creatures, History, Pirates
Features: Photos, Chapters
Keywords: loggerhead turtles, cousins, family, vacation, mystery, conservation
Date Added: May 24, 2013
Pirates at Pawleys A Carolina Cousins Mystery Book by Rhonda S Edwards Cover art by Wendy S Tyree ISBN  Copyright by Rhonda S Edwards All Rights Reserved Published by SynergEbooks wwwsynergebookscom  Dedication To my husband Ricky  Chapter Oh my goodness That is criminal Katie exclaimed aloud She sat at the breakfast table reading the local newspaper Jesse her golden retriever lay at her feet enjoying the fact that Katie always dropped crumbs on the floor Encouraged by Grandpa Nick to read the newspaper daily Katie was a source of news for the family Today the article that had caused her reaction was focused on a local Loggerhead sea turtle nest that had been pillaged Not time for the sea turtle to hatch no sign of animal tampering and no damaged egg shells as evidence The entire nest of eggs had been dug up and stolen she read from the paper According to the Department of Natural Resources and local sea turtle volunteers who patrol the beaches during nesting season the plundered nest was intact earlier that day The conclusion was that this had been a planned theft Katie continued A week into their yearly summer vacation at their Pawleys Island condo the family was enjoying a leisurely breakfast The adults present were Prudence and her daughters Savannah and Winni Eric a rising sixth grader Katie a rising fifth grader and Cally a rising fourth grader were cousins Erics mom was Winni Katie and Cally were Savannahs granddaughters They spent summers with their grandmother while their parents who were photojournalists for a prominent magazine were off on assignments They did most of their work in the summer so that they could be home during the school year with Katie and Cally Jesse an yearold golden retriever was claimed by everyone in the family So it was that four generations of family were gathered once again on this specific summer morning I cannot believe that anyone would do something like this exploded Eric so loudly that Jesse got up and moved to the li