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52 Children's Moments: A Treasure for Every Week of the Year

52 Children's Moments: A Treasure for Every Week of the Year
52 Children's Moments: A Treasure for Every Week of the Year
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Devotions on children's Bible themes, rainy day projects, camp and Children's Church sermons, or Sunday School lessons. 52 selections with a memory gift for each. Choose by season, holiday, topic, or scripture.  

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Pages: 70
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780744307177
Categories: Educational, Growing Up, Lessons
Features: Chapters
Keywords: children's devotional, children's studies, daily lessons, sunday school, religion
Date Added: May 26, 2013
  CHILDRENS MOMENTS A treasure for every week of the year by Elaine Ernst Schneider ISBN Cover art by Joanne Mikola Contact the author via email at juliusionetnet Published by SynergEbooks wwwsynergebookscom Elaine Ernst Schneider Txu All Rights Reserved  INTRODUCTION Todays educational thrust is integrated learning the connecting of brain patterns between stimuli which are auditory we hear it visual we see it and kinesthetic we touch it Research bears testimony that the more senses that can be involved with the memory the more likely that the child will remember the experience For each of these Childrens Moments a small inexpensive gift is suggested for example a pipe cleaner made into the rod of Moses or an eraser illustrating Gods propensity to not only forgive but forget It is a way that the child may touch something in his or her own hand that makes the connection with the Biblical truth taught a handson reminder of the meaning of the story While integrated learning is certainly an exciting aspect of communication it is by no means a new concept Years ago God communicated his love for us in the most handson method ever to be recorded in the history of mankind He sent his son to be the messenger of love to his children speaking to us showing us and touching us in a way that we are forever changed Handson Love Word Becomes Flesh John  THE HOWTO PAGE HOW TO USE CHILDRENS MOMENTS Share as a weekly home devotional Present in Childrens Church programs Teach as a Childrens Message just before the Pastors sermon Coordinate as thematic talks for Childrens Camps or Vacation Bible Schools Enjoy as a rainy day project for parent and child or daycare worker and class HOW TO CHOOSE THE SELECTIONS Plan by season or holiday Research by topic Crossreference by scripture HOW TO KEY IN ON GIFTS Select gifts similar to those suggested Keep objects inexpensive and practical Use gifts as handson memory aids tying in with the spiritual message presented in the selection Let