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English (Page 76)

Hawbear Rides the Chi-Cheemaun
Average: 4.2 (5 votes)

The first of the Hawbear Adventure Book series across Manitoulin Island. Hawbear meets a very special friend while the...read more

Pages 23 Reads 210
Hannah - Gran's Treasure Box
Average: 4.5 (11 votes)

Scared by the horrible creatures that appear in her dreams, Hannah turns to her Gran for comfort and protection. Gran...read more

Pages 32 Reads 343
Average: 4.8 (9 votes)

Ellwood has big plans to play his guitar in a band. This is something he has been planning for a long time. When the big...read more

Pages 30 Reads 250
The Picnic Day
Average: 4.6 (9 votes)

Join two bunnies on a fun picnic day. This is a great story and simple enough for early toddlers through kindergartners...read more

Pages 26 Reads 401
Meerkat's Safari
Average: 4.5 (26 votes)

... What gentle beast peeks over treetops with ease? ... Do you know who has webbed feet and pink knees? Discover unusual...read more

Pages 36 Reads 536