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The Tangle Fairy

The Tangle Fairy
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Why is Jaya’s hair always in such a tangle? From witches to dragons, each night The Tangle Fairy explains to Jaya why she must make her hair so tangly. Children will love to follow Jaya as she tries to get to the bottom of the mischievous Tangle Fairy’s stories!


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i love this book its so perfect
chloelouthomas's picture
its really good its amazing. @
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Celi's picture
I love it!
KBlane0002's picture
Such a beautiful book for my two little toddlers who always complain about having their hair combed in the morning. They have very long, very curly hair also.
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The illustrations are really quite lovely! I just have to agree, the words are adorable and easy to see! <3
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Great drawings,we thought, but tedious verse, I daresay however that it could be worse.
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i like this
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<p>it's perfect!!!i love it!~!!</p>

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Pages: 28
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-84956-438-0
Categories: Girls
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: dragon, witch, hair, tangled, knots
Date Added: November 10, 2011
by Seema B a r k e r W ritten by Seema Barker For my gorgeous girls Jaya Tara Aasha love Mummyji SB Whilst brushing her hair Jaya wanted to know Why dont the knots in my hair seem to go Each bedtime we brush it it s smooth and long But when I wake up it s frizzy and wrong When children fall asleep her mummy replied A Tangle Fairy visits each child Jaya felt confused it sounded quite scary She needed to talk to the bad Tangle Fairy Hello Tangle Fairy Jaya jumped out of bed to make sure the wand wasnt too near her head My mums brushed my hair in fact brushed it twice But youve come to spoil it That s not very nice The fairy then spoke Im really not bad I work for a dragon whos almost gone mad Shes ercesome and erycid31 cid84cid97cid87cid2cid101cid88cid84cid95cid95cid108cid2cid100cid104cid92cid103cid88cid2cid96cid88cid84cid97 And shes got the sharpest teeth youve ever seen Jaya was puzzled I believe what youve said But why would a dragon want knots on my head Her name is Glenda she lives in Wales Shes ever so angry because shes got scales