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'Hyper' Polly Sillabick: A Brand New Place

'Hyper' Polly Sillabick: A Brand New Place
'Hyper' Polly Sillabick: A Brand New Place
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Welcome to the world of 'Hyper' Polly Sillabick. Polly is a very smart, high-spirited, ten year old little girl armed with a big vocabulary. Because of her parents separation, Polly and her brother Devon begin a new life in Georgetown. Suddenly they must adjust to new surroundings and new friends. Come join the fun and craziness as strange events greet Polly almost immediately. There is more mystery here than meets the eye! 

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Pages: 58
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1936046027
Categories: Action Adventure, Family & Friends, Girls
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: hockey, hyper polly sillabick, supernatural, logic, reasoning, georgetown, devon, polly, griffins
Date Added: August 3, 2011
The Shady Lady of Knotty Lane BOOK ONE A BRAND NEW PLACE Table of Contents Chapter OneThe Road to Georgetown Chapter TwoSome Good News Chapter ThreeBack to Reality Chapter FourMysterious Blue Cat  CHAPTER ONE THE ROAD TO GEORGETOWN Polly sensed that all was not right with the world There was a disturbance in the force of the universe that is Polly Awakened in the back of the SUV she just knew something was amiss Polly looked around for her stuff She found her skates her backpack and her MP3 player and video game pack Then it all came to light Pollys little brother Devon had somehow taken a precious possession of hers and was using it as a pillow That was a definite nono Devon would feel the wrath of Polly Hey you little cretin give me back my Scootchie doll Polly screamed at her surprised but definitely guilty brother Right NOW Youve been cruisin for a bruisin ever since we left home Youre gonna get it With that Polly leaned over and tried to snatch her Scootchie doll Devon made her miss and then threw the doll over Pollys head Theres your stupid doll he said with a snarl as the doll landed on the seat behind Polly Polly bared her claws at Devon in a mock attack pose She was trying to scare him but Devon doesnt scare easily  Instead he put his hands up faking fear and said Oh no please dont hurt me dont hurt me oohhhh oooohhhh as he laughed at the still fuming big sister Polly retracted her talons and spared Devons life Im gonna let you live this time Just leave my Scootchie alone Boys dont play with dolls anyways You just want to make me mad Why cant you be nice for once creep Hey settle down back there Youre going to cause an accident with all that commotion going on said Mom Polly turned to Devon and stuck out her tongue Devon immediately returned the favor and stuck his tongue out at Polly Mom Polly stuck her tongue out at me Devon whined I saw two tongues sticking out when I looked back there Now if you dont quit fighting Im going to stop the car and youll b