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Hyper Polly Sillabick and The Shady Lady of Knotty Lane

Hyper Polly Sillabick and The Shady Lady of Knotty Lane
Hyper Polly Sillabick and The Shady Lady of Knotty Lane
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This is the third Hyper Polly Sillabick book that culminates her adventure against the "Shady Lady of Knotty Lane". Here, Polly dives in to save a friend while they are playing the "Titanic" game. Later, Polly finds herself in another dimension to battle a claw handed demon who is trying to harm her friend Beezer. Beezer has been hypnotized by the evil Geneva. This is the last part of the trilogy, but there will be many more aventures of Polly as strange entities seem to find our little heroine and force her fight for her life. In the meantime Polly says, "Be Hyper - Be Happy!"


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Thank you Dawn! So glad you liked the books. I am writing my next book now. It's about how Polly meets a Bigfoot family on a camping trip in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She hopes to free tem from the grasp of a terrible lumberjack who is holding them prisoners. I hope to have it completed soon.
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Love these books! I can't wait to read the next one!

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Pages: 105
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: scary, action, hero, world, elements, slipstream, battle, dimension, slingshot, weapon
Date Added: August 22, 2011
Hyper Polly Sillabick Series The Shady Lady of Knotty Lane By Hyper Polly Sillabick Series Juan Trevino The Shady Lady of Knotty Lane By Juan Trevino  The Shady Lady of Knotty Lane BOOK THREE THE SHADY LADY OF KNOTTY LANE Table of Contents Chapter OneThe Unsinkable Polly Brown Chapter TwoLeave It To Beezer Chapter ThreeLost In A Lost World Chapter FourFriends In Enuram Chapter FiveTime To Rescue Beezer Chapter SixDarVels Fortress Chapter SevenThe Battle Rages Chapter EightLosing A Hero Chapter NineLeaving Enuram  CHAPTER ONE THE UNSINKABLE POLLY BROWN Polly and Beezer walk very slowly They are making their way to the river They compare notes about the Shady Lady and the strange happenings brewing at Genevas house Both realize there is some sort of danger and that they should keep clear of the house but Indigo the blue cat is a force unto its own that must be reckoned with The kids have the right instincts yet deep down they seem to know they are helpless to resist the unknown yet very powerful mystic powers that they are being subjected to Their thoughts are interrupted by an impatiently waiting Kaylee who says come on slow pokes Are you guys sleepwalking or what Sorry says Polly Beez and I were just yakking too much Whats the plan I dont care Kaylee answers Ill do whatever you guys want to do I know offers Beezer While we are at the park we can go down to the Bunyan River and play around You can almost see the river from  here See Its right there past those trees over there My mom says we can go to the river but we arent allowed to go swimming Sometimes our dad takes us fishing from our boat The girls continue on Coconut Street towards the river Coconut street turns right and leads out of the neighborhood but at the turn is a little pathway which winds its way down to the Bunyan River The girls walk mostly single file down the narrow path Kaylee leads the way with Beezer and Polly in tow Because they are near other back yards they soon attract the attention of a