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Labyrinth's Door - Anyia "Dream of a Warrior"

Labyrinth's Door - Anyia "Dream of a Warrior"
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Anyia, whose dream of becoming a Nagoran Warrior is challenged by her village's traditions. Defying her father and ignoring her duties as a Yora, she breaks tradition to follow her dream of becoming a warrior during a time when Empress Zarina threatens the magic treaty that protects her village. Has her actions broken the magic treaty? 


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it only took me an hour.
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Sarah, I think it's a fantastic book to choose for the month, and it's got 68 pages, so it'll take a few days for you to read it.. Have fun!
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do you think I should get ladyrinths door for a month

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Pages: 68
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9828027-1-7
Categories: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Girls
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: fantasy, adventure, magic, girls, warrior, puzzles, middle grade, how to draw
Date Added: February 27, 2013
This book has not received any awards.
For months through the land of Ethonia down to the Nagoran Village there had been gossip about Amoonda a female warriorthe only female to ever be named a warrior for the courage she showed as she helped to forge the treaty of lands The rumors said she would be passing through the forest to meet with the Treelins on this day Anyia was excited Her dream was to become a warrior like Amoonda and bring honor to her village It didnt matter to her that females were forbidden to fight in battle Anyia thought that following old traditions was mindless If females were allowed to become warriors they could help protect and bring honor to the Nagoran Village just like the males Anyia followed the Pepo bugs through the forest until she saw the tree she was looking fortall with lush goldenleaved branches that reached up to the sky There it is she said excited An Erow tree Eyes wide she ran up to the lean tree and rubbed its trunk the bark smooth under her hands The soft scent of the leaves filled her nose and she smiled looking up softly tapping the tree trunk with the palm of her hand