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Santa Story - The North Pole

Santa Story - The North Pole
Santa Story - The North Pole
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Take a journey into the North Pole with Santa. Explore his world, discovers who his neighbours are; see how they live and play.

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Pages: 25
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
Categories: Fantasy, Holidays, Imagination
Features: Illustrations, Photos
Keywords: santa claws, holiday, xmas, presents, christmas story
Date Added: January 7, 2018
Santa Story The North Pole We all know about Santa Santa wears a red and white suit Big black boots and black belt too Rather plump in size which is no surprise Long white beard big pink nose and a smile that never goes Theres much more to Santa that you will ever know Santas house This is a story about where Santa lives and where he goes This is Santas house its cosy and warm Its icy cold outside in which Santa doesnt mind because he mostly likes to stay inside Inside Santas house Inside Santas house there are lots of things you can see A large Christmas tree with presents warm fireplace and furniture What else can you see Santas Church Santa goes to the North Pole church to pray to God for good guidance He also prays to God for good girls and boys Santas Research Building This is Santas research building This is where Santa and his helpers research new technology to make quality toys for boys and girls Santas Factory This is Santas one of many factory buildings This is where Santa and his helpers make and package the toys ready for girls and boys Neighbours Santa does not have many neighbours His neighbours are his workers some polar bears penguins and the occasional visitor These penguins are Santas friendly neighbours