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The Mysterious Tappity-Tap-Tap

The Mysterious Tappity-Tap-Tap
The Mysterious Tappity-Tap-Tap
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Welcome to the Village of Woodley Bend. This is the home to one very curious cat named Breadsticks and one very clever fox named Bow-Bow. Breadsticks and Bow-Bow are the best of friends! Follow their adventures in this dorable Early Reader Series set in the English countryside. This time Breadsticks and Bow-Bow want to camp out under the stars in their new den made of twigs. There is just one problem…they have run out of twigs! Breadsticks and Bow-Bow’s search for more twigs gets interrupted by a mysterious tappity-tap-tap sound coming from the woods! Your early reader will not stop reading until Breadsticks and Bow-Bow solve the mystery of the tappity-tap-tap sound and find more twigs for their den!

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Pages: 26
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-941434-09-3
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Boys
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: camping, tree, stars, friends, fox, badger, mystery, magic, boy, girl
Date Added: March 2, 2016
cid31e Perfect Picnic Scott Lewis Broom We h V B W This is the home to one very curious cat named Breadsticks and one very cleer fo named BowBow Breadsticks and BowBow are the best of friends To Bi n i s f BB r m a e u t T n m u t n e l a s u h s T s n p b l e m o r There is ju st o n e p We have run out of twigs How are we going to finish our den The stars will be out soon said BowBow We will have to go into the woods and find more said Breadsticks they searched under then over The friends walked through the woods to search for more twigs They searched high they searched low No twigs could be found that would suit their new den Breadsticks and BowBow were about to give up and go home when T a p p i t y T a p T a p What was that sound asked Breadsticks I dont know said BowBow Lets go find out said the best friends