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The Stone Apples

The Stone Apples
The Stone Apples
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Get set for a rollicking adventure. The Stone Apples is a fairy tale in the classic tradition, filled with heroes, villains, monsters, wizards, battles and romance. With more than forty haunting illustrations, this story is sure to become a bedside favorite.

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Pages: 54
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781500902551
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Bed Time
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: fairy tale, magic, princess, prince, gargoyles, duels, sword fights, magicians
Date Added: June 1, 2016
THE STONE APPLES A FAIRY TALE WRITTEN BY HARRIS TOBIAS ILLUSTRATED BY LUKE FAROOKHI COPYRIGHT  CASITA PRESS CHARLOTTESVILLE VA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED This book is dedicated to little children everywhere May they all be safe from gargoyles and evil wizards and live happily ever after The king would chuckle along with Gagazel Chapter I A long time ago when the world was young there lived a wicked king who was also a mighty wizard This wizard king ruled with an iron fist He was greatly feared for whoever defied him was punished with one of a variety of nasty spells For a minor offense he might turn you into a mouse or a bat For more serious crimes he might feed you to his army of gargoyles His favorite spell however was to imprison whoever displeased him into a hollow stone no bigger than an apple He proudly displayed these stone apples in his throne room as examples of his power He had twenty three stone apples One more and Ill have a complete set he would jokingly tell his guests To guard his stone apples the king assigned a gargoyle to watch over them The gargoyles name was Gagazel It was said that the king learned magic from the great sorcerer Solomon the Wise who was the most powerful magician of his time It was also said that the king who was drawn to the darker side of magic disappointed Solomon and as a result they had a falling out Some say that there was a fight and that the king bested his old teacher and imprisoned him in a stone Others say that the king was cursed by Solomon to live out his days bitter angry and alone Both stories were true The quickest way to gain the kings displeasure was to try and court his beautiful niece Miranda Miranda was so beautiful however that suitors came from all over the world to try and win her hand Without exception the handsome princes met with the same fate They would appear at court too eager or too clever or too something and incur the kings displeasure In almost no time at all they found themselves trapped in little st