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An Explosive Beginning (Book #1 - Listening to your Parent’s Advice) - Neon Tiki Tribe - English

An Explosive Beginning (Book #1 - Listening to your Parent’s Advice) - Neon Tiki Tribe - English
An Explosive Beginning (Book #1 - Listening to your Parent’s Advice) - Neon Tiki Tribe - English
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Finally! Super Heroes action and excitement combined with educational story lines . A boy named Sam is running away from home because "he doesn't want to listen to his parents" or follow instructions. he stumbles upon an old scroll, which tells about an old battle on “Tiki Island” and learns the history of some old statues he’s seen around the island. He goes against his parent’s wishes to explore more about it hoping to find a key piece of bringing the Evil Tikis to life. NOTE- This story combines with Book #2 to tell the beginning of “Tiki Island.” The Neon Tiki Tribe books use a patented, award-winning font that is almost unnoticeable to the average reader, but was designed to help some children who struggle to read due to dyslexia.


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What Parents Are Saying: Although we have hundreds of books these are some my kids continually come back to… She is now 8 years old and reads all of the Tiki books to her little sister…. She is five and a half and sat right down on my lap and listened to every word…. All four of my kids LOVE them…

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Action Adventure, Boys, Educational
Features: Illustrations, Music
Keywords: educational, series, bedtime, dyslexic, parents, argue, respect, advice, dyslexia
Date Added: August 13, 2015
Parental Advice T H E B R I G H T E S T H E RO E S O N E A R T H T H E B R I G H T E S T H E RO E S O N E A R T H A N E X P L O S I V E B E G I N N I N G AN EXPLOS IVE BEG INN ING BOOK  Created by J Greg Devlin Written by April Sopczak and Joe Lorenzano Illustration and Characters by Greg Clark Ink and Coloring by David Harston SUMMARY Sam doesnt want to listen to anyone He reads about an old battle on tiki island and learns about the history of some odd statues hes seen around the island He goes against his parents wishes to explore more about it and to possibly find a key piece of bringing them to life MA IN THEME Listening to your parents advice WHAT IS A T IK I A Tiki is a Thoughtful Intelligent Kind Individual Learn all about us at wwwneontikitribecom TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS Have you ever said I wish there was something fun educational for kids or How can I talk to my kids about reallife problems they are experiencing The Neon Tiki Tribe book series is here to help We are dedicated to providing positive and encouraging reading that can help young kids with everyday issues All while presenting it in an exciting adventurefilled format that kids will enjoy The Neon Tiki Tribe is a group of superheroes that teaches kids how to handle reallife problems Each book features bright vivid colors and actionpacked adventures With story lines devoted to specific principles and core values these books have a multicultural orientation and develop the ethics of young people the choices that they make and encourage them to think about their lives and the world around them while adding to their reading and writing skills in the classroom Our books use a special font called Dyslexie it helps people with and without dyslexia making it easier to read and easier to distinguish individual letters This reduces the number of reading errors as well as the effort it takes to read Learn more about this typeface at wwwstudiostudionl No part of this book may be reproduced transmitted photo