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Fraidy Cat

Fraidy Cat by Melinda Chambers
Fraidy Cat
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Mom's Choice Award Winner for Best Children's Book Values & Life Lessons--GoldAward Winning Finalist USA News Best Book Awards for Best Children's Educational AND Best in Children's Mind/Body/Spirit Are you a Fraidy Cat? Can you help Fraidy Cat overcome his fears?  Melinda Chamber’s newest book will help you answer those questions. Beautifully illustrated by talented artist Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker, Fraidy Cat learns one of life’s lessons by trying to overcome his fear of leaving his safe shelf in the barn. Mama Cat takes his brothers and sisters out to explore and Fraidy Cat can’t muster the courage to take his first leap into life until he gets help from a most unusual creature.

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780929915913
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Boys, Girls
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: cats, farm, character enhancement, wasps, mud dauber, fears, self esteem
Date Added: August 8, 2013
Gold Mom's Choice Award Winner
Fraidy Cat By Melinda Chambers Illustrated by Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker Grades K6 Self Esteem Character Enhancement Summary: Fraidy Cat learns not to be afraid to leave the safety of his shelf in the barn by watching a mud dauber build her nest  Dedication To those who have discovered that sometimes you have to leap from the safety of your shelf to get to where you need to be.  The sun peeped through the barn window as Mama Cat and her litter of young kittens began to stir. The kittens had just finished nursing and were eager to leave the shelf where they were born. This was the day when Mama Cat had promised them they could explore the large barn. With Mama Cat's patient guidance the kittens jumped down from the shelf all, of them that is except one little kitten.  Meow, Meow, MEOW! What's the matter? Are you hungry? Do you hurt? Are you cold? No, I just want off this shelf so I can look around like the other kittens... but what if I land the wrong way or miss the spot I'm aiming for? Well, that just might happen. Uh huh, responded the kitten. That's just what I thought. That's why I'm not jumping. So you're content to just watch from the shelf while your brothers and sisters explore the wonderful nooks and crannies of this big barn? You'll never find out what you can do if you don't take the first leap. But what if I get lost or stuck or... ENOUGH! If you're such a FRAIDY CAT I think you should just stay on that shelf until you're too big to fit on it. Of course ,you'll miss out on all the great things there are to do and see around here. What do you mean?   Why there's a great big world outside this barn that's just waiting for you and the other kittens to explore But of course YOU'LL never know that is if you decide to stay on that shelf .