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The Adventures of Rel-Rel: Lost Mirror

The Adventures of Rel-Rel: Lost Mirror
The Adventures of Rel-Rel: Lost Mirror
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"The Adventures of Rel Rel: Lost Mirror" is the story of a girl, her goggles, and the world beyond her imagination. Relene, or Rel Rel as she like to call herself, is a thirteen-year-old girl with an active imagination. She loves to write stories and create worlds through ink and paint. When she uses an old pair of goggles, the worlds in her head appear to become reality! 

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Pages: 18
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780744320756
Categories: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Girls
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: children, mirror, imagination, goggles, alice in wonderland, looking glass
Date Added: August 8, 2013
The Adventures of Rel Rel Lost Mirror Written by J J Evangelista Story by Jen S Evangelista ISBN  Copyright by JJ and Jen S Evangelista All Rights Reserved Published by SynergEbooks wwwsynergebookscom Rel Rel hunched over the sheet of paper chest pressed firmly against the table head bent watching every stroke of her pencil Scribbling against the empty page of her sketch book she curled a sharp edge for an ear scribbling dots for eyes and quick wavy slashes for hair Its almost perfect she thought drawing in clothes that were too large for the rest of the body and a rectangle tunic over formless stick legs Now for the color Rel Rel was thirteen an awkward youth with pale skin and short boycut black hair and purple bangs She wore a yellow tanktop which turned a grape color around her stomach and a wrinkled pair of shorts These were the same clothes shed worn the day before and she saw no reason to change Why would she Rel Rel adjusted her purple starpattern socks with one hand still concentrating on her pad and paper She hopped off her stool leaving the pencil rolling across the paper as she scuttled out of the kitchen past the counter and into the hallway She ran past her mother who was busily heading to the table with a cup of coffee cupped in her hands Mija hurry and finish Well be leaving soon Rel heard her mothers voice echo down the hallway Right yes finish I know Rel Rel replied red sneakers tearing over the worn brown carpet She kicked open the door to her room spun to her left and flung the cabinet open Rel over here now called Father from the kitchen Breakfast is getting cold She cleared away old drawings pieces of paper tossed paint brushes bottles of ink and tubes of paint knocking them to the floor in a hurry Getting cold yes okay on my way she called back frantically clearing the area hands moving quickly to a small yellow lunch box Stuffing a wad of paper into her mouth she chomped down clutched the lunch box with one hand and sprinted out of the roo