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The Magic that's Ours

The Magic that's Ours
The Magic that's Ours
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‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ is what Albert Einstein. In the illumination of this statement, The Magic That’s Ours, has been written. This bright, inspiring book encourages children to make life-long friends with their imagination and change their world from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The book’s illustrations brim over with colour and the vivid pictures contain an element of mystery to prompt children to explore them and let their imagination fly free.  Written for children between the ages of 5 and 7, The Magic That’s Ours is a goldmine of ‘things to do’ which call for young minds to adventure into their imagination. This makes it a useful tool in a multitude of situations from the school room to playgroups and with babysitters, parents and child psychologists. The book tells the story of Joel and Jina who walk to school each morning through the countryside and across a river. Although their journey is alive with the joys of nature one morning something extra special happens. The children are drawn to the enchanting place and there meet a cute little creature called Imagi-nashun or Magic for short. The Magic That’s Ours features nine fun time activities. Through these the reader gets to learn that the power of imagination is not only fun but can break down barriers, solve problems, invent, write stories and paint pictures. 

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Pages: 40
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-620-36285-5
Categories: Educational, Imagination, Mother Nature
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: imagination, interactive, creative
Date Added: July 3, 2013
The Magic thats Ours by Gary Hirson Illustrated by Dorothee van der Osten This book is also available as a print book Also by the author The Power thats Ours The Journey thats Ours Down The Line Photographic coffeetable book wwwcalminstormcom Calm In Storm Productions First Published in by Calm In Storm Productions PO Box Mill Street Cape Town wwwcalminstormcom Ebook ISBN Print book ISBN Written by Gary Hirson Cell garygaryhirsoncom Illustrated by Dorothee van der Osten Cell Cover and book design LogoGistics Ebook adapted by Mousehand A l l r ights reserved No part o f th is publ icat ion may b e r e p ro d u c e d s t o r e d i n a r e t r i e v a l s y s t em o r t ran sm i t ted in any fo rm by any mean s e lec t ron ic mechan ica l pho tocopy ing reco rd ing o r o the rw i se without the written permission of the publishers The Magic thats Ours by Gary Hirson Illustration Dorothee van der Osten Acknowledgements Thanks to Janyce Weintrob for helping me put the words in the right places To Dorothee whose illustrations gave me the motivation to complete this book To LogoGistics for the amazing design work To all the people who I made read it and reread to get their valuable input And finally thanks to the universe for making this journey fun exciting and not too bumpy Imagination is more important than knowledge Albert Einstein Joel and Jina are a brother and sister just like any brother and sister are at that age Joel who s nine is a year older than his sister Jina He gets ang ry when Jina and her friends have tea parties in the garden and play games in the house taking up all the space so that he and his friends have nowhere to play Jina gets upset every time Joel teases her and her friends about wanting to wear makeup and when he laughs at them when they parade around like supermodels But deep down both Joel and Jina really love each other very much They always stand up for each other when anybody teases or tries to hurt the other Us ing pa int cray