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Tito, the Firefighter / Tito, el bombero

Tito, the Firefighter / Tito, el bombero
Tito, the Firefighter / Tito, el bombero
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This bilingual (English/Spanish) text has Spanish is sprinkled in and as each word is introduced, it is used from there thru to the end of the book. There is also a vocabulary page at the end of the book.Richie, a New York City firefighter or bombero, only speaks inglés, but he answers all calls for help. In any language, a good deed is still a good deed. When Tito grows up, he wants to be a bombero. He speaks both inglés and español. But he never dreamed his bilingual skill might actually help Richie and the other bomberos save the day!

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Pages: 34
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English, Spanish
ISBN: 9781936299805
Categories: Action Adventure, Educational, Growing Up
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: fireman, firefighters, city life, careers, occupations, hispanic, latino, translate
Date Added: June 13, 2013
Tito the Fire fighter Tito el bombe Hoppey Hoffman RL written by escrito por Tim Hoppey illustrated by ilustrado por Kimber ly Hof fman For Luis Cruz Tim Hoppey For my husband and newborn daugher Kimber ly Hof fman Text Copyright Tim Hoppey Illustration Copyright Kimberly Hoffman All rights reserved For more information about permission to reproduce selections from this book write to Permissions Raven Tree Press Miller Parkway McHenry I L wwwraventreepresscom Hoppey Tim Tito the firefighter Tito el bombero written by Tim Hoppey escrito por Tim Hoppey illustrated by Kimberly Hoffman ilustrado por Kimberly Hoffman translated by Eida de la Vega traduccin por Eida de la Vega 1st ed McHenry I L Raven Tree Press Audience ages Text in English with intermittent Spanish words Summary Tito admires his neighborhood bomberos firefighters and dreams of being a bombero himself One day his ability to speak both English and Spanish actually helps the firefighters save the day Paperback I S BN Hardcover I S BN p cm  Fire fightersJuvenile fiction  Fire extinctionJuvenile fiction  CommunicationJuvenile fiction Bilingual books  Spanish language materialsbilingual I Hoffman Kimberly illus I I Title I I I Title Tito el bombero PZ7 H677 Edc21 Printed in Taiwan  first edition   written by escrito por Tim Hoppey illustrated by ilustrado por Kimberly Hof fman Hello Hola My name is Tito I live in East Harlem where almost everyone speaks Spanish When my mother sends me to the store for milk and eggs I ask for leche y huevos If you ask how old I am I might say eight in English Or I might say ocho in Spanish I am bilingual I speak two languages ingls and espaol