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Beautiful Moon

Beautiful Moon
Beautiful Moon
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Beautiful Moon is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient.With the help of a wish on a moonlit night, a little girl’s fantasy becomes reality. In a wink, the beautiful moon understands her desire for a day that never ends and grants her wish. See how constant daylight affects the world around her and eventually the attitude toward her wish. In the end, sometimes what we wish for might not be what we really want. We soon learn that nighttime is the time for rest and renewal and is as necessary as daytime.

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Pages: 36
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781936299645
Categories: Bed Time, Environment, Imagination
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: bedtime stories, sun & moon, renewal, play
Date Added: June 13, 2013
Mom's Choice Children's Book Award
Text Dawn Jeffers Illustration Bonnie Leick All rights reserved For information about permission to reproduce selections from this book write to Permissions Raven Tree Press a Division of Delta Systems Co Inc Miller Parkway McHenry IL wwwraventreepresscom Jeffers Dawn Beautiful moon written by Dawn Jeffers illustrated by Bonnie Leick edMcHenry IL Raven Tree Press  pcm Englishonly Edition ISBN hardcover ISBN paperback Bilingual Editions ISBN hardcover ISBN paperback SUMMARY What if days went on forever and nighttime never came Find out what a girl does to f ill her days and fulf ill her dreams Audience preK to 3rd grade Englishonly and Bilingual full text English and Spanish formats  Bedtime and DreamsJuvenile f iction Picture books for children I Illus Leick Bonnie II Title LCCN  Printed in Taiwan First Edition Free activities for this book are available at wwwraventreepresscom To my little rays of sunshine Ryan Isabella and Sophia With love Aunt Dawn To my parents for giving me moonlit woods and sun drenched fields Love Bonnie The sun sets The grass is cool I look into the dark indigo night and see the glow of the beautiful moon   But I am restless in the darkness There is still so much to do I need a day that never ends