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Cinnamon & the April Shower

Cinnamon & the April Shower
Cinnamon & the April Shower
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It’s spring! The forest is full of newborn animals and plants. An April shower frightens Cinnamon, her new cub, and their woodland friends. Solomon Raven explains the importance of rain for animal and forest survival.Follow Solomon Raven and all the woodland creatures throughout the seasons in all the books in the series.

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Pages: 36
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781934960554
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Environment, Mother Nature
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: forest, animals, seasons, friendship, rebuilding
Date Added: June 13, 2013
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Amy Crane Johnson is a grandmother and word artist living in Green Bay Wisconsin This book is part of her Solomon Raven series four seasonal tales about nature and wisdom for children Ms Johnson received a BA in English literature with an emphasis in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin Her poetry has been published in respected journals and anthologies including The Alsop Review Eclectica The Wisconsin Academy Review and Crossing the Rubicon ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR Robb Mommaerts has been drawing since he was an infant A childhood rich in literature and comic books prompted him to earn a BFA in graphic design and illustration from the University of Wisconsin Creating whimsical animal pictures is one of the more enjoyable features of his art career Free activities for this book are available at wwwraventreepresscom C i n n a m o n t h e A p r i l S h o w e r C r a n e J o h n s o n M o m m a e r t s R a v e n T r e e P r e s s RL  Its springtime and the forest is abloom with baby animals and awakening plant life A sudden April storm frightens Cinnamon Bear and her new cub Solomon Raven flies over the forest drenching himself in his effort to warn the woodland animals to take shelter This tale illustrates the important role of rain in animal and forest survival Follow your favorite characters on their seasonal adventures through all four books of the Solomon Raven series A Home for Pearl Squirrel fall Lewis Cardinals First Winter winter Cinnamon the April Shower spring and Mason Moves Away summer These titles are also available in bilingual EnglishSpanish editions Written by Amy Crane Johnson Illustrated by Robb Mommaerts Raven Tree Press A Division of Delta Systems Co Inc Miller Parkway McHenry IL wwwraventreepresscom Childrens Printed in Taiwan Written by Amy Crane Johnson Illustrated by Robb Mommaerts To Cindywith love and gratitude Thanks for your validation your inspiring kindness and for naming Pearl Squirrel Amy To my mom and da