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¡Ay, caramba!

¡Ay, caramba!
¡Ay, caramba!
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This is Spanish version of Oh, Crumps!Farmer Felandro just has to get some sleep. He has man chores to do come morning. But, Oh, crumps! First the goats need his attention, then it's the dogs, next the cows are mooing, and on and on. With all this commotion, the tired farmer gets his list of the coming day's chores confused as he becomes sleepier and sleepier.

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 9781934960424
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Imagination
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: farmer, humor
Date Added: June 13, 2013
To Bob whose morning always comes early Lee For Mom Pops who kept me full of laughs and hope Morgan Text by Lee Bock Illustration by Morgan Midgett Translation Raven Tree Press All rights reserved For information about permission to reproduce selections from this book write to Permissions Raven Tree Press a Division of Delta Systems Co Inc Miller Parkway McHenry IL  wwwraventreepresscom Bock Lee Oh crumps written by Lee Bock illustrated by Morgan Midgett Ay caramba escrito por Lee Bock ilustrado por Morgan Midgett 1st ed McHenry IL Raven Tree Press pcm SUMMARY The misadventures of a sleepy farmer as he agonizes over a mixedup list of the coming days chores How will he ever milk the fence repair the cow mow the silo and climb the hay before morning comes Englishonly Edition ISBN hardcover ISBN paperback Bilingual Edition ISBN hardcover ISBN paperback Audience Ages Title available in Englishonly or bilingual EnglishSpanish editions  Domestic animalsJuvenile f iction Farm lifeJuvenile f iction  Animal soundsJuvenile f iction Domestic animalsFiction  Farm lifeFiction Animal soundsFiction I Midgett Morgan II Title III Title Ay caramba LCCN  Printed in Taiwan First Edition Free activities for this book are available at wwwraventreepresscom Una noche el granjero Felandro se fue temprano a la cama Se tap con la manta hasta la nariz y bostez Estoy taaaan cansado que no puedo ni pensar a derechas Maana tendr un da muy atareado Tengo que ordear las vacas reparar la cerca segar el heno y subir al silo La maana llegar pronto se dijo Entonces se acurruc en las mantas y cerr los ojos    Beee B e e e Beeeee El granjero Felandro se incorpor Qu es ese ruido rezong Y entonces se acord Ay caramba Olvid acostar a los cabritos  De modo que meti los pies dentro de las viejas botas marrones de trabajo baj los escalones torpemente dio un portazo a la puerta al salir y persigui a los tres cabritos hasta que consigui que entraran al establo