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The Surprise Party

The Surprise Party
The Surprise Party
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The world of Rip Squeak exists in a summer cottage in the country where no humans live ten months out of the year. The stories are about Rip Squeak and his little sister Jesse and their strange friendship with Abbey, and abandoned kitten, and a frog named Euripides.Rip and Jesse live inside the walls of a summer cottage. Abbey prefers to befriend creatures like mice and frogs and birds rather than other cats. She introduces Rip and Jesse to her friend Euripides, a very entertaining actor and storyteller who lives and breathes the theater.Through Rip’s own words, the books introduce the stories of these creatures and the friendships they develop, setting the stage for adventures yet to come.How do you tell Mom and Dad you love them? How about throwing them a surprise party? For Rip Squeak and his friends, Jesse, Abbey and Euripides, it's all part of a nonstop, fun–filled day where cleaning the house, baking a cake and blowing up balloons becomes an adventure they'll never forget!

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Pages: 36
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781932748598
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Family & Friends, Fantasy
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: party, family, friendship, cottage
Date Added: June 11, 2013