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Counting Coconuts / Contando cocos

Counting Coconuts / Contando cocos
Counting Coconuts / Contando cocos
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Help! Monkey is hungry. But before he can eat his coconuts, he must find the fastest way to count them. A trio of tapirs, a slithering boa, an oh-so-slow sloth, and a wickedly wise jaguar are among the rainforest animals that suggest various counting methods. Learn to count by sets and help Monkey complete his comical, everchanging, arithmetic task. This  story, told in English, has the Spanish words for numbers sprinkled in wherever an English number is used. There is list of all the numbers in both English and Spanish at the end of the book.


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im looking for 4th grade books

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Pages: 36
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English, Spanish
ISBN: 9781621670711
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Imagination, Lessons
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: counting, numbers, spanish, monkeys, jungle animals, humor
Date Added: June 13, 2013