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Huerto soñado

Huerto soñado
Huerto soñado
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This is the Spanish only version of Vegetable Dreams. Young Erin has a dream. She must create a garden. Her vegetable garden becomes the unlikely place where friendship, belief in one's dreams, and much more than vegetables grow. Determined to make the garden a reality that will give pleasure not only to herself but to other people as well, Erin learns many lessons in the process. An old-fashioned story of a multi-generation friendship and the importance of sharing and nurturing dreams. This is truly a gentle, moving story.

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 9781621670636
Categories: Environment, Family & Friends, Growing Up
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: gardens, multigenerational, water colors, planting, vegetables
Date Added: June 13, 2013