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Un suéter para Duncan

Un suéter para Duncan
Un suéter para Duncan
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This is the Spanish only version of A Sweater for Duncan. Little Duncan penguin is proud of his fuzzy coat. He sticks out his chest as he waddles among the other penguins. He knows he is the handsomest one in the frozen south. Trouble jumps in when his fuzz flies off in clumps and floats on the wind like butterflies. His mother agrees to knit him a sweater, but will that solve the problem? The sweater is just too small. What’s he to do? Finally, his mother leads him to a mirror–like piece of ice, where a happy surprise awaits. He’s all grown up, and again the handsomest penguin in the frozen south.

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 9781621670568
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Growing Up, Self Esteem
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: penguins, growing up, parents, south pole
Date Added: June 13, 2013
Escrito por Margaret Gay Malone Ilustrado por Lorraine Dey To Connor Robert and Mackenzie Elizabeth with love MGM In loving memory of my mother Joan To my nephews and nieces Jeremy Kelly Natalie Noelle Theresa and Joe Thanks to Dona for support and encouragement LD Text by Margaret Gay Malone Illustration by Lorraine Dey All rights reserved For information about permission to reproduce selections from this book write to Permissions Raven Tree Press a Division of Delta Systems Co Inc Miller Parkway McHenry IL  wwwraventreepresscom Malone Margaret Gay A sweater for Duncan written by Margaret Gay Malone illustrated by Lorraine Dey 1st ed McHenry IL Raven Tree Press  p cm SUMMARY The little penguin is proud of his fuzzy coat When his fuzz starts to fall off he wants a sweater until he discovers hes become a grown up penguin English Edition ISBN hardcover Bilingual Edition ISBN hardcover ISBN paperback Audience preK to 3rd grade Title available in Englishonly or bilingual EnglishSpanish editions  Animals Marine LifeJuvenile f iction Social Issues SelfEsteem SelfRelianceJuvenile f iction I Illust Dey Lorraine II Title LCCN Printed in Taiwan  First Edition Free activities for this book are available at wwwraventreepresscom Duncan el pingino era un pingino muy guapo Llevaba un plumaje de pelusa de color gris no como los dems pinginos Ellos parecan vestirse con un saco negro y una camisa blanca   Al menos una vez al da Duncan admiraba su imagen en un trozo de hielo que era tan brillante como un espejo Le gustaba lo que vea Inf laba su pecho y se pavoneaba con orgullo entre los dems pinginos l saba que era el ms guapo de todos   Un da un mechn de pelusa cay suavemente a sus pies Mir su pancita y justo donde antes haba pelusa ahora estaba pelado Recogi la pelusa del suelo y la apret contra su panza En cuanto la solt cay f lotando hasta el suelo Un mechoncito no est tan mal pens  Cuando despert a la maana siguiente dos mechones ms yacan en la nieve El