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Abby's Adventures - Dance Recital ...and the Case of Ballerina-itis

Abby's Adventures - Dance Recital ...and the Case of Ballerina-itis
Abby's Adventures - Dance Recital ...and the Case of Ballerina-itis
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Join Abby as she stumbles through childhood's most difficult situations. Laugh along with this delightful 6-year-old as she uses a bit of spunk and a lot of creativity to handle the exciting adventures of being a kid.Dance along with Abby in this adventure as she decides to become a ballerina. After a few mishaps, Abby realizes being a dancer is harder than it looks and wants to quit. Will a mysterious case of ballerina-itis stop her or will she dance all the way to the recital?


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Charming story with a good message to keep trying!
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good student

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Pages: 34
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-936172-04-7
Categories: Girls, Growing Up, Self Esteem
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: dance, self-esteem, recital, practice
Date Added: June 9, 2013
written by Suzanne Ridolfi illustrated by Dawn Griffin Ber l in Lemont Abby and her mother strolled along Main Street admiring the store windows There was Gilligans a charming bookstore Frostys Ice Cream Shop and then she saw it   The most wonderful window ever It looked like a sea of pink cotton candy   Can we go see cried Abby Mother nodded yes with a smile In the window were a pair of pink tights pink ballet slippers and a large framed picture of a ballerina holding a bouquet of pink flowers and in the middle was the most amazing pink tutu she had ever seen     Mother read the sign Miss Nadias Dance Studio Now enrolling for fall classes Oh can we go inside Abby squealed with delight The teacher greeted them at the door Hello I am Miss Nadia Would you like a tour