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StinkyKids See a Full Moon

StinkyKids See a Full Moon
StinkyKids See a Full Moon
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Meet the StinkyKids®, a diverse group of 10 “little stinKers,” each with their own unique qualities. The StinkyKids series helps children learn to make right choices and reminds them to “Always Be A Leader Of Good.” Their heartwarming, funny and real–life adventures capture the true innocence of childhood and the lessons we learned through our mistakes—when we were just StinkyKids ourselves. In the second book of the StinkyKids series, Trey, Johnny, Skye, Billy and Jen are playing flashlight hide–n–seek during a nighttime playdate in Trey’s backyard. During the fun, Skye notices the full moon and tells the others that full moons can make you act crazy! But does this full moon create a wild adventure that gets out of hand? Come and enjoy this StinkyKids nighttime playdate and see whether our little stinKers' actions become a bit too crazy. Will these friends work together to turn a wrong into a right and save the playdate?

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Pages: 40
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781621670308
Categories: Family & Friends, Growing Up
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: friendship, playdates, manners
Date Added: June 7, 2013
Mom's Choice Children's Book Award
StinkyKid Jen Our princess of the StinkyKids she loves ballet and her BFF Britt Adopted as a baby Jen enjoys dancing to all types of music One of her favorite foods is strawberries and she wants to be a mommy who sings and dances in Broadway shows when she grows up Leader of Good quality Staying healthy and eating growing foods StinkyKid B i l ly He can race to the bus stop in seconds hows that for a special talent Royal blue is Billys favorite color and he loves to play video games with his dad It is no wonder Billy wants to be an inventor of video games when he grows up Leader of Good quality Putting others first and sharing StinkyKid Britt With her beautiful red hair this future writer can blow bubble gum bubbles bigger than a baseball She enjoys writing to her pen pal Skye and her favorite treat is ice cream Leader of Good quality Helping friends and family work it out StinkyKid Johnny As our neighborhood champion of fun and a future standup comedian Johnny can make his friends belly laugh with a simple funny face His favorite color is Clown Nose Red and making funny noises with his hands and underarms is one of his special talents Leader of Good quality Making people laugh StinkyKid Ju l ie As our new kid on the block in the sunny town of Morningside Julie loves to ride bikes with her neighbor Max She wants to be a stuffed animal creator when she grows up and her favorite growing food is green beans with ketchup Leader of Good quality Creating friendships StinkyKid S kye Collecting stickers is one of Skyes favorite hobbies She can draw the best mermaids in her class and always wants ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch She likes to practice cooking with her friend Joey so she can be a real chef someday Leader of Good quality Keeping in touch with friends and family StinkyKid Trey The golfer of the bunch Trey is also great at building cool objects out of clay He likes to take pictures of the places he visits with his big sister Hannah and will sometimes share h