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The Rain Forest Party

The Rain Forest Party
The Rain Forest Party
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Hector–Armando was a little Armadillo who wanted to find his special talent that he could share with his friends at the big rain forest party. As he walked into the forest he noticed his friends were all busy collecting things and practicing their own talents to get ready for the big party. As he came upon his many friends, he would try to do the same things they were doing, but he just wasn’t fast enough, or his legs were too short, or he wasn’t tall enough. He tried again and again, but became sad to realize he may not have any special talents. He curled up to hide and suddenly became aware of a hidden talent that was there all along. Something mother nature gave him but he forgot about. He would share a very special talent with friends at The Rain Forest Party.


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Hector Armando was sad because he didn't think he had a special talent until his turtle friend (i can't remember his name) helped him. Hector discovered his special talent because he didn't think he had one. Hector is kind of like me like I used to be. I used to be shy and sad that I didn't have any special talent. But then I discovered it when I scribbled on a paper, kind of like one of those professional artists who scribble on papers, and a couple weeks ago when I found it in my scrap book, I showed it to mom and she said you shouldn't sell it.

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Pages: 36
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781621670285
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Environment, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: armadillo, self-esteem, friendship, jungle
Date Added: June 7, 2013