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Snow Ball

Snow Ball
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This is a coming of age story about two friends going to their first dance. Totally age appropriate. Totally fun! Best for girls ages 9-13.

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Pages: 89
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
Categories: Family & Friends, Girls, Growing Up
Features: Chapters
Keywords: tween, funny, humor
Date Added: May 29, 2013
Snow Ball By Kerry Sparks Introduction Jennifer Logan likes Scott Parker and Scott Parker likes her back But theres a problem Jens best friend Lindy Masters already called dibs on Scott Scott Parker is off limits according to best friend crush rules Jen comes up with a plan If she finds a new crush for Lindy then shell be able to go to the Snow Ball with Scott It sounds easy but everyone knows that junior high is nothing but drama Will Jen and Lindy get dates for the school dance And who will win The Winter Wonderland fashion show Find out in Snow Ball Chapters Chapter Fear of Frogs Chapter Maybe Baby Chapter A Boys Room Chapter Scotts Friend Chapter The Assignment Chapter Snow Ball Chapter Drama at the Ice Rink Chapter The Fashion Show Chapter The Surprise Guest Chapter Mrs Oaks Doesnt Celebrate Valentines Day Chapter Fear of Frogs I had to Google fear of frogs today Its ranidaphobia I definitely have that I saw a dead frog in the road on my way to the bus stop and I about jumped out of my skin EW Frogs are just so slimymakes me want to puke Like a frog I hopped onto bus and made my way to the very back Lindy Masters my best friend for a year since I had to replace my old best friend long story kept the seat warm for me Lindys very cool but sometimes I miss my old best friend Rebecca Cane Long story shortRebeccas father got activated in the military Unfortunately he got activated to Korea so Rebeccas family temporarily moved out of the country I hope they move back to our neighborhood Its just not the same without Rebecca Cane Doesnt life just stink like old dirty gym socks sometimes I just saw a dead frog and I think its probably the grossest thing Ive ever seen I declared Lindy not amused blinked once through her bat winged black glasses Her blue beret tilted to one side and her small painted pink lips twitched before answering Lindy Masters is kind of the artsy type I am just your average girl next door type I have shoulder length brown hair and brow