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Baba's Magical Cane

Baba's Magical Cane
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Baba was one hundred years old and needed a cane to help himself walk.  He didn’t like to use it because it made him feel old and slow.  But soon he realized that his cane had many uses… not the least of which turned him into a hero! 

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Pages: 14
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780744317077
Categories: Family & Friends, Lessons
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: elderly, grandpa, grandfather, helping others, disability
Date Added: May 26, 2013
Babas Magical Cane by Nicole Sakhai Illustrated by Si Sakhai ISBN  Copyright by Nicole Sakhai All Rights Reserved Published by SynergEbooks wwwsynergebookscom One fall early morning a little old man who was more than one hundred years old sat at his kitchen table eating cake and drinking tea His children called him Baba which means father in Farsi Baba was getting older and he needed a cane to help him walk At first he didnt like using it because it made him feel different from everyone else The cane made him feel old and slow What good can come from this old piece of wood anyway Baba thought  As the morning slowly came to an end the kitchen became brighter and warmer from the sun Baba decided he would go for a walk after he finished his tea My tea needs more sugar said Baba Unfortunately the sugar was on the other side of the table and hard for Baba to reach He thought and thought what to do No one was home to help him so he had to figure a way to get the sugar on his own  He looked down and saw his cane How could this old cane help he thought Taking the cane in his hand he pointed the round top part toward the sugar bowl Going behind it with his cane he pulled it toward him until he could reach the bowl on his own Okay so my cane can do more than one thing but what else can it do When Baba started his walk the air was crisp the sun warm The sound of chirping birds and children playing made for a pleasant and peaceful walk The trees were covered with green and gold leaves One was overflowing with apples Baba wanted an apple but the tree was too high for him to reach  Thinking what to do he looked his cane Its worth a try Using his cane he reached up high and shook the leaves causing several of the apples to fall to the ground I did it he said But there was one problem how was he going to pick up the apple Baba couldnt bend down without falling Unfortunately this was something his cane couldnt help him with Luckily some children who were outside playing saw Ba