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In the Company of Animals

In the Company of Animals
In the Company of Animals
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Following on from her success as a super-model, Princess (the cow with attitude) has been imprisoned at Poulters Farm. When she gets inspired by a once-famous old horse, the Princess sets her sights on a new career that might bring her fame and stardom. But when she is treated badly by her boss, she makes pals with a few of other the inmates, including a new not-so-secret admirer and a psychopathic sheep. With the help of a small rodent, Princess and her friends make a bid for freedom. But can the fugitives stay on the run without being caught..?

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Pages: 184
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 1447822544
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Family & Friends, Lessons
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: farm, cow, beef, milk
Date Added: May 20, 2013
IN THE COMPANY OF ANIMALS Andy Frazier In the Company of Animals IN THE COMPANY OF ANIMALS Copyright by Andy Frazier Published by Chauffour Books France Printed by Lulu Press Last print November ISBN Version 13p For more information on this author please visit wwwandyfraziercouk  Index Index  Introduction  The pen  Fresh company  A horses tail  Jackson  Beef  Little secrets  Goliath  The plan  The great escape  The open air  Wild horses  Pastures new  In the company of gypsies  The Great London Horse Fair  Farmonsey  Stolen goods  Friendly faces  Back to prison  Aunt Celia   In the Company of Animals Introduction My name is Princess and I am a cow a real cow I am nearly Well actually I am nearly months old but if I was a human which I am not I would be nearly years old My calfhood was pretty rough growing up in Scotland where winters are cold and sheds are draughty I am black although my father was white which apparently explains why I have such a wicked temper I never knew my father although I think I saw him once When I left Scotland I got chance to compete as a supermodel on the great cattlewalk I won the whole competition and was crowned by the Queen of England herself She is quite small wears a blue hat and carries a handbag in case you didnt know Then I was sold  Chapter The pen It was nearly 3am when we pulled into the yard but the noise was none the less quite deafening as a varied mix of faceless sounds called out from behind solid closed doors As soon as the large metal gates had slid open on their clunky electric rollers some powerful spotlights flashed on as our trailer entered lighting up the whole place The yard looked newly built with the concrete floor glowing white under the halogen lights one of which tracked the vehicles movements Our trailer pulled to a halt and the young man who had loaded us in London lowered the ramp and looked inside His eyes were bloodshot and tired after the long drive he had made through the